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Colin D. Halloran


MFA, summa cum laude, Creative Writing: Poetry, Fairfield University, January 2012

B.A., cum laude, English, Central Connecticut State University, May 2009





American Etiquette Main Street Rag Publishing Company (2020) 

Icarian Flux Main Street Rag Publishing Company (2015)

Shortly Thereafter Main Street Rag Publishing Company (2012)



“American Etiquette,” “When the Devil Looks Like You,” and “A New Colossus,” What Rough Beast (November 2019)

“Something There Is,” Glass Poetry: Poets Resist (July 2019)

“Humankind,” Poetry Diversified Anthology & Poetry Matters Project (2019)

“Bourj el-Barajneh,” The Good Men Project (Spring 2017)

“I Remember the Parades,” Drunken Boat (Winter 2016)

“Antrobus’ Dream,” The Review at O-Dark-Thirty (Winter 2015)

“On Potholes or Exes,” and “Self-Portrait Under the Influence,” Helix Magazine (Spring 2014)

“Footlocker,” “Silent Night,” and “Morning Commute,” The Main Street Rag (Winter 2012-13)

“Haiku for Love,” Blackheart Magazine & Haiku For Lovers (November 2012; ButtonTapper Press, 2013)

“Icarus Dreams of the City,” Seek It:  Writers and Artists Do Sleep (November 2012)

 “Contradictions,” Spotlight (July 2012)

“Sandstorm” (The Spotlight Summer/Fall 2012)

“Anomalies in Vapid Landscape,” San Pedro River Review (Spring 2012)

“QRF,” Workers Write!  Tales from the Combat Zone (Spring 2012)

“The Moon’s Still Up,” “I Want to Paint the Sunrise,” and “Tightroping Trucks,” BluePrint Review (March 2012)

 “Lines Composed (A Few Miles Above Kandahar),” Stone Canoe (February 2012)

“Poet’s Day Off,” The Aurorean (Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

“Echoes” and “Democracy, Tea, and Belly Dancers,” phati’tude Bridging the Cultural Divide:  Remembering September 11th( Fall 2011)

“I’m Reminded More in Winter,” San Pedro River Review (Fall 2011)

“Lakeridge Dr. or Thoughts on H.G. Wells,” Medulla Review (July 2011)

“Raining in Germany,” San Pedro River Review (Spring 2011)

“Movement Poem,” Welter (Spring 2011)

“Vigil,” Long River Run (December 2010)

“as flies are wont to do,” Structo Magazine (November 2010)

“Carnivale, Tarin Kowt,” Caper Literary Journal (October 2010)

“Monuments,” The New York Times (May 2009)



“F. Scott Fitzgerald and WWI: The “Crack Up” Essays,” Beyond Their Limits of Longing: Contemporary Writers & Veterans on the Lingering Stories of WWI, Jennifer Orth-Veillon, ed. (Milspeak Books, forthcoming September 2022)

“GWOT Literature as an Indicator of Cultural Trauma,” American Book Review (forthcoming Spring 2022)

“The Warrior-Poet and an Unexpected Journey,” Military Writers Guild: Why We Write (Middle West Press, 2019)

 “A ‘Trek’ Toward the Kingdom of God,” Episcopal News Service (June 2019)

 “Tracers,” Incoming: Sex, Drugs, and Copenhagen (So Say We All 2019)

“Narrative Generosity: Sharing Your Story as a Veteran,” The Town Crier (2018)

“ABCs of Flash Writing: K is for Keen,” Spry Literary Journal (2018)

“Private. Pupil. Professor,” Retire The Colors Dario Dibattista, ed. (Hudson-Whitman/Excelsior Press, October 2016)

“ABCs of Writing (for Beginners): O is for On-Ramping,” Spry Literary Journal (2014)

“Turning off the War,” Shukan Kinyobi (Japan, May 2014)

“I never Imagined Being a 20-Something Veteran,” 20-Something Magazine (November 2012)

 “No Hero,” Proud To Be:  Writing By American Warriors (November 2012)

“Home Until It’s Not,” Paige Leaves:  Essays Inspired by New England, Harvard Book Store (October 2012)



“Salt,” The Road Ahead, Brian Castner & Adrian Bonenberger eds. (Pegasus Books January 2017)



“The Rumpus Interview With Colin D. Halloran” The Rumpus (August 3, 2015)

The Review at O-Dark-Thirty (Winter 2015)

“Those Fabulous Hallorans: Two Veteran-Writers on Military Service, the Writing Life, and the Importance of Reading Veterans’ Writing” The Military Spouse Book Review (August 5, 2014)

The Main Street Rag (Winter 2013)

“’Shortly Thereafter’: Reflections of an Afghanistan Vet” Radio Boston, WBUR (October 25, 2012)



“Bicycle in Winter, Albany, NY” Helix Magazine (Spring 2014)

“The Moon’s Still Up,” “I Want to Paint the Sunrise,” “At the Pass,” and “Tightroping Trucks,” BluePrint Review (March 2012)

“The Salute,” H2Ope,” “American-Afghan Relations,” and “The Future (rocks!)” phati’tude Bridging the Cultural Divide:  Remembering September 11th( Fall 2011)

“à travers du temps” SAND (Autumn 2011)




English Faculty, Coastal Carolina Community College (2017-2019)

                                -ENG 111: Writing and Inquiry

                                -ENG 112: Writing and Research in the Disciplines

                                -ENG 125: Creative Writing I

                                -ENG 126: Creative Writing II


English Faculty, Fairfield University (2013-17):

                                -EN11: Texts & Contexts I: Writing as Craft and Inquiry

                                -EN12: Texts & Contexts II: Writing about Literature

                                -ENW200: Creative Writing

                                -ENW202: Creative Writing: Poetry I


                                English Faculty, Bentley University (2016-17):

                                -EXP 201: Expository Writing II

                                -EXP201: Topics in Research: 21st Century Conflict


                                English Faculty, Wentworth Institute of Technology:

                                -ENGL100: English I, College Writing and Research (2014-15)

                                -ENGL130: English II, Western Cultural Movements (2014-15)


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fairfield University MFA in Creating Writing, Poetry (under Elizabeth Kirschner, Winter 2011-12)


6th Grade French Teacher, Sedgwick Middle School, West Hartford, CT (2011)

7th Grade English Teacher, Bellizzi Middle School, Hartford, CT (2009-2010)

9th Grade English Teacher, K561:  Williamsburg Preparatory Institute, Brooklyn, NY (2009)




Veterans Writing Project/O-Dark-Thirty, Editorial Board (2018-present)

New River Anthology, Editorial Board, Poetry (2017-2019)

Copaiba Press, Associate Editor, Staff Writer (2011-2013)

Mason’s Road:

Production Director (Fall 2011-Fall 2012)       

Editor-in-Chief (Fall 2011)

Poetry Editor (Fall 2010 – Fall 2011)

Poetry Reader (Spring 2010)



“Writing Trauma: Personal, Cultural, Global” South Dakota Book Festival (October 2021)

“Veterans Trauma Writing Workshop” South Dakota Book Festival (October 2021)

“Veteran Writing: From Clinic to Community, From Patient to Person” UNC Charlotte Conference on Writing Studies (October 2018)

“Heroes, Homecomings, and Trauma: Soldier as Outlaw, Outlaw as Legend” War, Literature, and the Arts Annual Conference (September 2018)

“Who Can’t Handle the Truth: Memoirs by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans” Association of Writers and Writing Programs Annual Conference 2015 (April 2015)

“Poetry as Mask and Medicine: Redefining the Personal and Political through Persona” Poetry Society of South Carolina (February 2015)

 Featured Faculty Presenter/Distinguished Guest Lecturer, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University Annual Veteran Centered Care Conference (2013-2015)

“After the Flames: How Creative Writing Can Be Used as a Tool for Healing and Understanding in Veteran and Civilian Populations” Examined Life: Writing, Humanities, and the Art of Medicine Annual Conference at University of Iowa (April 2013)

"Writing the War: How Creative Writing Can Be a Tool for Healing and Understanding in Veteran and Civilian Populations" Boston Book Festival (October 2012)

“From Combat to College:  Helping Veterans Transition from the Military to the Academic Writing Environment through Veterans-Only Writing Courses,”  Association of Writers and Writing Programs Annual Conference 2012 (March 2012)

“Writing the War:  Using Poetry to Triangulate History,” University of Connecticut, Fairfield University, Connecticut Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference 2011, Secondary Schools in Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and Washington (2010-2012)

“After the Flames:  The Poetry of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” a two day course developed for Advanced Placement Psychology students at Hall High School, West Hartford, CT, and expanded for nursing students at the college level in 2012 (2011)



2019 Spring Robinson/Mahogany Red Lit Prize

2016 Lillian E. Smith Writer-In-Service Award (Piedmont College)

2012 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award

2012 Blackheart Haiku Contest             

2011 Aurorean Creative Writing Student Outstanding Haiku Contest

2010-11 Goldfarb Foundation Arts in Education Grant

2008 British University Trans-Atlantic Exchange Scholar


2013 Massachusetts Book Award

2011 Fairfield Book Prize for poetry manuscript Shortly Thereafter




Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Academy of American Poets

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

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