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Colin D. Halloran served with the US Army, deploying as an infantryman to Afghanistan in 2006. After being medically evacuated out of the war zone, Colin returned to civilian life where he became a teacher and a writer, earning an MFA from Fairfield University. His first book, Shortly Thereafter, a collection of poems on his war and redeployment experiences, was published in 2012 to much acclaim. His sophomore collection, Icarian Flux was released in 2015. In response to the increase in mass shootings in the US in 2019, he published Thou Shalt Not Kill: A Primer Even THAT Uncle Will Understand, an irreverent but sharp children's book style rebuke of the culture of violence, complete with illustrations. He has had essays and short stories appear in such anthologies as Retire the Colors (2016), The Road Ahead (2017), Incoming: Sex, Drugs, and Copenhagen (2019), and the forthcoming Military Writers Guild: Why We Write (Middle West Press, 2019).


Colin has toured extensively and is available for reading and lecture bookings, speaking on the war experience, leadership, mental health, and the power of art and writing to heal.

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